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Contact: Roger Birden
Member Since: 2017
Website: rbirden.geiger.com
Phone: 615-585-9912
Email: Roger@RNBParts.com

Roger Birden was successful in the aerospace industry as an engineer, but he was tired of traveling 320 days a year.  He wanted something different, closer to his Nashville home.  In 2002, a friend and promo products sales rep suggested he jump into the industry, and the he did twice – starting a distributorship that he sold and another that is currently a Geiger affiliate.  Wearables account for about three-fourths of his business.  His creative expertise has landed him a string of high-profile clients; Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Artists, numerous Fortune 100 Companies, and Small Businesses (a favorite to work with).
Eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products.