The Best of Madison-Rivergate Awards

Starting this year, we are beginning a new awards opportunity. Chamber members, as well as members of the community, will be able to nominate businesses located in the Madison-Rivergate area for the “best” in their category. The nominations may be submitted online starting February 1. An email will be sent on February 1 with instructions about how to nominate businesses, including the categories available.

After the nomination period closes on Monday, February 19 at 4 p.m., the businesses with the most nominations will be included as finalists for each category. Voting for the finalists will be online and run through February 28! The winners will receive decals to display at their business and/or on their website.


More ways to be involved:

Thank you for helping us make 2017 a good year. We hope to make 2018 an even better one with your help!

To do that, please consider the following:

  1. Being a Sponsor for 2018!
    We are so pleased about the response so far to sponsorships! One specific opportunity that we would like to highlight is the Education Appreciation Day lunch coming up on April 19. We need sponsors to help bring a student, a teacher, a principal, and a representative from your organization to the April Lunch to honor their hard work! Each school sponsorship is $75, and you may choose a school to sponsor. Please email the Chamber here to discuss this further.
    We have quite a few other opportunities this year, as well. Details were emailed on December 19 about all sponsorship opportunities, including the newly added Sponsor Benefits.
  2. Renewing your membership for 2018, if you have not already! Thank you to the many members who have already renewed! Invoices were emailed in late November/early December, so if you have not seen an invoice for 2018 January renewals, please email us!
  3. Hosting an After Hours Networking event! We need three more hosts for 2018 (June, July, November). What better way to create customers and clients than by inviting them into your business for networking?
  4. Offering your fellow Chamber members a discount on your product or service. We want to encourage all members to support their fellow Chamber members. Please see below for more!Thank you to those who have already contacted us with offers:

    Madison Family Dental

    Enbright Credit Union

    David Kincaid Photography

    Bank of Nashville

    Party City

    Berry’s Jewelry and Loan

    and Cobb Law Group.

    Let’s grow the list even more to help our fellow members!

Want to chat? Let’s get together and talk about the possibilities for this year! Email Laura here or call the office at 615-865-5400. Please make sure to leave a voicemail, just in case we are out of the office visiting another member!